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Mysticum would like to thank the following for fantastic cooperations during the Inferno Metal Fest 2016:

First of all we would like to thank our fans from all over the world.

A special thanks goes to Henrik Dinger for his design and understanding for our music, plus good advice when it comes to video programming. Thanks man!
When it comes to sound we would like to thank Sverre Dæhli for remarkable control, before, during and after the show. Thanks! You are the best! A big thanks also goes to Christian Paulsen for his priceless work on pre prods and during show. Thanks!

BRIGHT NORWAY AS for their role as provider of stagedesign, lights and AV. Thanks to all you brilliant people for your priceless contributions to this unforgettable concert. Here we would like to thank the following:

Henrik Dinger – Visuals/Lightdesign
Jahn Slåttum- Projectmanager
Petter Espeland
Marius Karlsen
Sabine Gunther
Vidar Gulbrandsen
Toby Harms
Martin Brandvoll


Petter Telle
Tommy Nilsen
Henrik G Meissler
Tor Sørnes
Nicholas Bennet

We would like to thank our two photographers Peder Klingwall and Baard Ferdamar for their documentation of the concert. Thanks a lot for your efforts and awesome materials.

We would also like to thank the Inferno Festival for great collaboration and a brilliant result. Here we would like to thank:

Jan-Martin Jensen
Lars F. Hansen
Lars Erik Bach
Jonas Bengtson
Henriette Aaberg

Finally we would like to thank the venue, Rockefeller Music Hall.

Thanks to all of you, together we made history!!!

Rock on!

Bright Norway AS

Visual by Henrik Dinger and Bright

Inferno Festival in Oslo Norway

Inferno Festival in Oslo Norway


The venue