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The year is 1992 and a cruel musician crew, called Sabazios, rises from the ashes of Norway's hateful Black Metal scene. But they are one of a kind with their cold and aggressive sound, played with industrial drumming from a computer. This crew must be remembered: Mean Malmberg, Prime Evil and Cerastes. They did two demos: Wintermass and Medusa's Tears. Mayhem's Euronymous, who was also the owner of Deathlike Silence Productions, signed Mysticum immediately after hearing their music, since he had never heard anything like it before (something totally new and original). After their first demo, the band decided to change their name to something more frightful than Sabazios, thus Mysticum was now complete.
The most tragic day in the history of Black Metal came when Euronymous was brutally murdered and the scene in Norway was torn apart and all the little fake shit bands got their chance to get big. For half a year or so, the mighty drummer Hellhammer (of Mayhem) joined the crew but, unfortunately, it didn't work out, simply because Mysticum is nothing without their industrial drumming from a computer - and with a human drummer, the music gets more alive and more human (which destroyed valued art).
The lyrics are dark and depressive and come straight from the depressive hearts of the crew (often gaining suicide among the living).

After the tragic death of Euronymous, Mysticum decided to break the deal with Deathlike Silence Productions and Voices of Wonder, due to a very bad cooperation between both parties involved.
Mysticum had been offered a lot of record deals, but they decided to honour Full Moon Productions with their debut release In The Streams of Inferno, in 1996.

Now, 8 years later, they are back and ready with an official release of the old demos and all newer material included. Planet Satan Revolution has the exclusive rights for this release and it will be issued with permission from Mysticum.