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Planet Satan album out now!

Front Cover Planet Satan
Having achieved almost mythical status in black metal lore, ‘Planet Satan’ has been rumoured since the late 1990’s, following the band’s debut release, 1996’s ‘In the Streams of Inferno’. Unifying the core trio of Herr General Cerastes, Svartravn & DrBest, ‘Planet Satan’ is now upon us. A work of intense

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Planet Satan (album montage)

Lets get some air out of the balloon. This is for the ones that havent heard the new album yet, and are still waiting for a copy. Listen to a teaser from the upcoming album here! Hope you like it! Taken from Peacville youtube channel: The long awaited second studio

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Listen to LSD

Mysticum will release its long awaited second album Planet Satanon October 27 via Peaceville. Now streaming a new track from the forthcoming release, “LSD,” on Soundcloud at:   Planet Satan can be pre-ordered now through the Peaceville webstore at: in both CD and vinyl formats. Listen to LSD from the new album Planet Satan
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